All Stars 

Our All Stars are State Champions!

GNGR Little League State Champs - Help Us Get To Bristol!

For the first time ever, Gray-New Gloucester Little League has won the Maine State Little League Championship!

We’re well on our way to playing in the Little League World Series and we need your help to get there.

The next stage of our journey happens in Bristol, CT, where we play the week-long New England Regional Championship. We’ll battle Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts for the right to claim the New England Region title.

Being over 250 miles from home, this tournament is a big commitment and our goal is to provide transportation reimbursement and hotel stays for all of our players and coaches. We’ll also be putting together Maine State Champion uniforms so our players can represent the whole state of Maine during the Regional Tournament.

The regional will be broadcast on ESPN and ESPN+ with our first game being Saturday, August 5 at 1pm ET on ESPN+.

More information about the tournament can be found here:

If we can win the regional, we’ll be on to the international tournament where we’d face the other regions from the United States and possibly work our way to the Little League World Series.

Help us send these kids to the World Series. It takes a lot of driving, meals, and hotel stays. You can help us get there!

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All Star Tournaments

The league determines who is interested in playing in the All  Stars tournaments each year by asking player parents/guardians to submit a  signed All Star Letter of Intent.  All  Stars are open to baseball and softball players ages 9-12 as indicated by the Little League Age Charts for Baseball and Softball that you can find on our web page:

Not all players will be selected, but in order to be eligible, you must submit a signed All  Star Letter of Intent by midnight on May 12th. You can find a copy of the form here:

Once committed to All Stars, players must be available to attend all games.  Games start June 10th for softball and June 24th for baseball.  Generally, our teams are eliminated by early July, but there is a chance we could win and move on to state and regional levels.  Parents must commit to the entire All Star schedule.  If we forfeit a game due to non-attendance, they will refuse to charter us for Little League in the future.

Playing in the All  Stars tournament is a great honor and a fun time, but rules of play are significantly different from the regular Little League season. All players that are selected are eligible to bat due to rule change this year to adopt "continuous batting order", however players ranked 10-12 on the team may only see 1-3 innings in the field.  If a game ends early due to the 10 run rule, players not in the starting nine may see no playing time at all.  Please understand this is the case and explain it to your player ahead of time. 

Completed forms can be submitted to