Game Changer 

Information  and How-To Videos

RSVP For a Game in GameChanger

To RSVP for a game in GameChanger, take the following actions:

1) Click on your team from the "Teams" tab of the app.  You can reach the "Team" tab by clicking the jersey icon in the lower left-hand corner.

2) Click on the "Schedule" tab if not selected.

3) Click on the event you wish to RSVP for.

4) Select "Going" or "Not Going" from the prompts on the event page.

A video is shown at left that goes through the process.

Find your Team in GameChanger

If your team is not showing up in GameChanger, follow the steps below to find and join your team:

1) Download and install GameChanger if you haven't already (

2) Create an account and log in.

3) Click the jersesy icon to go to the "Teams" page.

4) Use the magnifying glass icon in the upper left-hand corner to open the search box.

5) Type your team name into the search box.

6) Click on your team to view the team.

7) Click "Join team" at the top of the page.

8) Select "I'm a Family Member".

9) Select your player and a request will be sent to your team admin to approve the request.

Once approved, you'll have access to the team schedule.

Import Your Team

If you can't see your team and are a coach or assistant coach (sometimes even team helpers can do this), you can use the "+" in the upper right hand corner to import your team.

For this to work, your GameChanger account email must be the same as the email you use on

After clicking the "+", you should see "Import Sports Connect".   If you are an admin, a team will be listed there.  Click the team to import it.  Then wait a few minutes and your team will appear on the "home" tab.

This imports the team for your entire team and no one can see the team until an admin or staff member completes this step.