SandLot Games

What are SandLot Games?

Glad you asked. In our efforts to accommodate the most players and give everyone a chance to play as much baseball as they would like, we have two types of games this season - regular season games and SandLot games.

Regular season games will occur on weekday evenings. We have many travel baseball players in the league, so we opted to run our regular season games only on weekdays to allow travel ball players to participate.

Since those players are unavailable on weekends, we have SandLot games scheduled every weekend. These games will have umpires and will be played like regular competition games. However, new teams will be formed each weekend by the coaches who are running that days games.

Since our travel players will most likely not be at these games, it affords non-travel players an opportunity to get more playing time and to play additional positions in games that will be fun and competitive.

Each team has a SandLot game scheduled every weekend in the app. These have weird game times like 12:01pm to 12:03pm. This is because the system will not let us book multiple games at the same time. If you see 12:01pm, know that your game starts at 12pm and will run for 2 hours.

To reserve your spot for a SandLot game, please RSVP by the Thursday evening before the game. You MUST RSVP via the GameChanger app, so we can determine the numbers and figure out if an additional game is needed.

Visit our Game Changer section for more information on using the APP.

All told, our players will have 12-13 regular season games, plus the opportunity for 6 SandLot games making an 18-19 game season available to our players. This is the most we have ever offered and should give everyone an opportunity to learn the game and reach the level of involvement you wish.

Thank you and have a great season!

G∙NG∙R Little League