Certified Volunteer

Certified Volunteer Process

Parents, Coaches, Snack Shack Operators & All Volunteers,

To be in our snack shack, on the field when children are present, or at our practice facilities, you must be a "Certified Volunteer" and be wearing your league-issued Certified Volunteer Badge. (the badges are a new addition this year!)

To get certified, follow these three steps:

1) Register through our registration system: https://info.gnglittleleague.org - (for more info see this FAQ: https://info.gnglittleleague.org/frequently-asked-questions/volunteering)

2) Complete your background check.  Watch for an email from "JDP/dba JD Palatine" and submit the background check online.

3) Complete "Abuse Awareness Training for Adults" by following these instructions:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/18vZR4Xqg3fBm6_SZQsWqCWAi3yBtc3Qz/view?usp=drivesdk

We will issue badges as we see completions on our certification tracking system. All badges will be brought to GNGMS at 5:30 each day that we have practices so you can pick them up.   Practices will start March 11 and we will notify you when your badge is ready for pickup.

Please complete this process ASAP.  It is critical for the safety of our players and to meet the requirements of our league insurer.

Thank you,