Pennway Park @Morrison Field

Building mini-Fenway on Penney Road

From start to finish, many volunteers helped build our Green Monster, but it was mainly due to Steve Libby and his son, Isaac, that the wall became a reality.   Always the first ones on the job, their efforts literally built the foundation the rest of the league worked from to complete the job.  Thank you to the Libbys and to all the volunteers who helped create "Pennway" - mini-Fenway on Penney Road.  Thanks again!

Step 1 - Clear Trees

To ensure the wall would not get crushed by falling trees, we had to clear about 30-40 feet of tree line.  All these trees were hanging over the field and the old fence.  You bet we had to start in winter.  Needed frozen ground so they could fall without damaging the grass.

Two days as Lumberjacks

A lot of trees needed to be removed at the direction of our arborist.

In the Trenches

Once the snow cleared, Steve dug the trench and placed every sonotube.

Rebar Crew

Henry, Mason, Zach, Gage, and Steve fabricating the rebar cages.

Infield Conversion

Meanwhile, we also converted the infield to a multi-purpose softball and baseball diamond. 

3 Days on the Bobcat

After 3 days of Bobcat time and 50+ yards of infield mix, the field was starting to look pretty good.

Sixteen Foot Posts

Sixteen foot tall posts set five feet deep form the backbone of the wall.

Bracing & Leveling

The crew works on bracing the posts and ensuring we'll have a vertical wall.

Staged and Ready

Time to pour the concrete.

Truckload of Cement

Twenty inch sonotubes set 5 feet deep.  That's a lot of cement.

Clearing Brush

Some volunteers worked to clear the  fallen trees and branches behind the wall.

Stringers & Plywood

We're starting to see a wall.  The ground level ply went on quickly.

Staging & Facing

Continuing facing the wall using staging.  About a day's work to complete.

Now that's a Wall

Looking great.  One-third scale replica.

Adding the Panels

Thirty (30) printed panels make up the face of the Green Monster.


Steve & Isaac fitting the final panel.

Looking Good!

Thank you to all of our sponsors!

 Red Sox Section

Trivia question: What game is on the scoreboard?

Thanks Steve & Isaac

Steve & Isaac with the completed wall.

Pennway Park at Morrison Field

"It's for the kids" - Steve Libby

Thank you to everyone who helped build Pennway!