Your RallyUp Page

Your "My Account Page"

Click the circle in the upper right-hand corner to see your account menu.  You may need to log in to see the menu.  Click "My Account" to visit your account summary page.

The "My Members" Tab

On mobile devices, you need to click "My Activity" which will take you to the area where you can view your progress.

Your info is found under the "My Members" tab.  Once you click on it, you can see how much you have raised.

Your Fundraiser Page

To get back to your fundraiser page or to see your customized sharing links, click on your name as shown in the photo.

Sharing Block

Once you click on your name, you can use the sharing links that show or you can click on the "Your Fundraising Page" link under your user name.

Do not use the "View Experience" or "View Participant Info" links on this page.  Also, the sharing links in that block are not correct.  Be sure to use only the links from the "Sharing" block under your user name.

Thank you for helping out!

Please contact for help or assistance.